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Toddler Talk gives you a step-by-step playbook of activities unique for you and your toddler, so you can grow their communication skills at home.

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Engage your child where they are and have fun learning speech at home!

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Over 100 Easy to Follow Activities

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Watch with joy as they become excited to learn and expand their vocabulary when you meet them where they are.  


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Based on Data from Thousands of Families and Research at These Leading Institutions

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Instead of just going to the speech therapist once a week, Toddler Talk gives you an exact roadmap we practice at home. Now my son is doing 2-3 word phrases, and I know it’s just a matter of time before he can talk to me in complete sentences!”

- Debbie C, Washington

"The best thing about Toddler Talk is how well it’s structured into small bites that parents can consume. We learned to use speech around things that got her excited - that’s when it started working.”

Raj, India

Toddler Talk represented each scenario perfectly, it wasn’t a bunch of stuff that wasn’t needed.. it’s what you would expect from an ideal therapy session. It was so much more helpful than the program I paid $500 for.. I only wish I would have found it months ago."

- Michele T, Arizona

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